Applying the right fertiliser to your ground is very important when it comes to soil health. Through the team at Golden Bay Dolomite we can provide a soil audit and establish a customised fertiliser plan to get the best out of the soil you have.

Dolomite is New Zealand’s finest magnesium fertiliser. It is Calcium Magnesium Carbonate occurring as a completely natural rock deposit found only at Mount Burnett in Golden Bay New Zealand. We supply and deliver this nationwide for various applications. To learn more check out the Dolomite site www.goldenbaydolomite.co.nz

We can also provide you with all your bulk fertiliser cartage needs. Whether it is straight bulk fertiliser or bagged fertiliser we can deliver direct to your farm. Including straight into your silo with the use of our specialised blower trucks.

Fernbrae Lime is our very own Ag Lime. Made near Collingwood, Fernbrae Lime is your top quality Ag Lime that can be used effectively to increase the calcium levels in your soil.


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